8/24/2022 CDPH released updated and consolidated provider letter regarding treatment with Tecovirimat which includes guidance on utilizing CDC's reliance agreement.
8/23/2022 Santa Cruz County Public Health JYNNEOS Monkeypox Vaccine Clinical Guidance has been updated
8/23/2022 JYNNEOS Vaccine Information Statement has been updated
8/17/2022 Providers do not need to report contacts to cases or potential exposures to Santa Cruz County Public Health.
8/15/2022 CDPH guidance recommends Intra-Dermal (ID) administration of JYNNEOS vaccine for 18 & older. CDPH Interim guidance
8/12/22 CDPH has paused the process of Pre-Positioning all TPOXX. Providers that have a patient identified that needs treatment, please follow the above process to receive treatment course.

Report all Suspect Monkeypox Cases to Santa Cruz County Public Health.

All suspect monkeypox cases must be reported within 1 working day to Santa Cruz County Communicable Disease Control, preferably by email or fax. Please submit a Confidential Morbidity Report form by email to HSACD@santacruzcounty.us or by fax to (831) 454-5049. 24/7 reporting of suspect monkeypox by telephone is no longer required and is not the preferred method.

Please note, providers do not need to report contacts to cases or potential exposures to Santa Cruz County Public Health.


For patients presenting with concern for monkeypox infection:

Commercial Reference Labs. Monkeypox testing is now available through LabCorp, Quest, ARUP and other reference labs are rapidly developing capacity to test.

  • For most Santa Cruz County Healthcare providers a commercial reference laboratory will be the best option for streamlined monkeypox testing and resulting.
  • Please check with the reference lab regarding their lab-specific submission forms and requirements for specimen collection, labeling, and transport.
  • There is no need to contact Santa Cruz County Public Health for approval to test at commercial laboratories, but providers must still report all suspect cases within 1 working day.

Santa Clara County Public Health Lab is still accepting specimens for monkeypox testing reserved for abnormal clusters of cases and severely ill individuals, and uninsured or underinsured patients where other testing options are not available. For Public Health Lab specific submission forms and requirements for specimen collection please reference the Monkeypox PHL Testing Guidance.

As of 9/30/2022, Santa Cruz County residents are eligible for 1st and 2nd doses of Jynneos vaccine if they meet at least on of the risk criteria below:

  • Gay or bisexual men, or any man or trans person who has sex with men or trans people
  • Sex workers of any sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Persons of any age and any gender who feel they are at risk of coming in close contact with someone in the future with suspected or confirmed MPX
  • Persons who had close contact with others at a venue or event or within a social group within the past 14 days where a suspected or confirmed MPX case was identified. This includes persons who received notice from a venue or event of a potential exposure within the past 14 days
  • Laboratory workers who routinely perform MPX virus testing
  • Clinicians who have had, or may have in the future, an occupational exposure (e.g., examined MPX lesions or collected MPX specimens without using recommended personal protective equipment)

CAIR. It is vital that providers enter all JYNNEOS doses in CAIR. CDPH is watching CAIR closely to determine the future allocation of MPX vaccine to Santa Cruz County.

Storage, Handling, Expiration and Administration. Please see Santa Cruz County Public Health JYNNEOS document (8/23/2022) which includes information on:

Pediatric Vaccination. As of 8/9/2022, the FDA authorized emergency use of JYNNEOS vaccine for persons under 18 for subcutaneous administration. Please review the EUA fact sheet.

If you are a provider in need of JYNNEOS vaccines or have any questions, please reach out immunizations@santacruzcounty.us.