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Santa Cruz County MAA Information

FY23-24 MAA Time Survey Training Video:
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FY23-24 TCM Time Survey Training Video:
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Part 1

Part 2


  • ADPSW Acct Spec
  • ADPSW Admin Analyst
  • ADPSW Clinical Director
  • ADPSW Counselor
  • ADPSW Ex Director
  • Intake Coord
  • Off Coord Intake Coord
  • Parent Mentor
  • Peer Nav
  • Peer Nav Prog Coord
  • Prog Director

Advocacy Ex. Dir.! 23-24 Q1 update
Advocacy Omb. Prog. Coord. 23-24 Q1 update
Advocacy Patient Adv. 23-24 Q1 update
Advocacy Staff. Ombud. 23-24 Q1 update
BU Admin Asst 19-20 Q1
BU Ex Director 19-20 Q2
BU MAA Outreach Coord!19-20 Q1
BU Outreach Specialist 19-20 Q1
BU Prog & Dev Manager 19-20 Q2
BU Receptionist 19-20 Q1
C2C Asst. Director! 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
C2C Comm. Org. 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
C2C Director! 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
CAB-Alcance Admin Data Anlyst 20-21 Q3
CAB-Alcance Case Manager 20-21 Q3
CAB-Alcance Emp Pl Coord 19-20 Q3
CAB-Alcance Emp Pl Spec-Cs Man 19-20 Q3
CAB-Alcance Emp Place Spec 20-21 Q4
CAB-Alcance Emp Prg Coord! 21-22 Q1
CAB-Alcance Job Dev-Emp. Spec 19-20 Q1
CAB-Alcance Operations Manager 20-21 Q3
CAB-Alcance Program Director 19-20 Q1
CAB-Alcance Youth Empow Spec 20-21 Q3
CAB-Alcance Youth Navigator 20-21 Q3
CAB-DRSC N Cst Teen Cent Coord 19-20 Q1
CAB-DRSC Pro Adm Asst Fam Svc S 19-20 Q1
CAB-DRSC Prog Admin Assist
CAB-DRSC Prog Ast COVID 21-22 Q3 new
CAB-DRSC Prog Coor! 20-21 Q2
CAB-DRSC Prog Director! 19-20 Q1
CAB-DWC Cs Man Emp Pl Sp-Fam Sv Sp 19-20 Q1
CAB-DWC Job Disp-Fam Serv Spec 19-20 Q1
CAB-DWC Operations Manager 19-20 Q1
CAB-DWC Pro Coor-Im Fam Sus Coor 19-20 Q1
CAB-DWC Program Director 19-20 Q1
CAB-RAP Case Worker 19-20 Q2
CAB-RAP RAP Prog Coord 19-20 Q1
CAB-RAP SCHC Prog Coord 19-20 Q1
CAB-SCCIP Ast Prog Dir-Prog Dir 20-21 Q3
CAB-SCCIP Directing Attorney 20-21 Q3
CAB-SCCIP Immigration Law Specialist 19-20 Q1
CAB-SCCIP Ofc Coord 21-22 Q1 - Copy
CAB-SCCIP Ofc Coord 21-22 Q1
CAB-SCCIP Program Specialist 19-20 Q1
CAB-SCCIP Recep-Office Assistant 19-20 Q1
CAB-SCCIP Staff Attorney 20-21 Q3
CAB-WWKs Case Man.-Crew Leader 22-23 Q3 (NEW)
CAB-WWKs Coord! 22-23 Q3 (NEW)
CAB-WWKs HPIS Prog. Coord. ! 22-23 Q3 (NEW)
CAB-WWKs So. Co. House Sol Spec. 22-23 Q3 (NEW)
CAB-YHRT-Case Manager 22-23 Q3 (NEW)
CAB-YHRT-Peer Nav. 22-23 Q3 (NEW)
CAB-YHRT-Program Coordinator! 22-23 Q3 (NEW)
CAB-YHRT-TAYNAV Housing Nav. Case Manager 22-23 Q3 (NEW)
CAB-YHRT-TAYNAV Housing Nav. Landlord Eng. Spec. 22-23 Q3 (NEW)
CARe Team Admin. Aide! 22-23 Q2 (updated)
CARe Team Clinic Nurse 22-23 Q2 (update)
CARe Team Health Prog. Spec  22-23 Q2 (update)
CARe Team Health Serv. Man.  22-23 Q2 (update)
CARe Team Office Assist. III  22-23 Q2 (update)
CARe Team PH Inv-Sr PH Inv 22-23 Q2 (updated)
CARe Team PHN 22-23 Q2 (update)
CARe Team Prog. Coord. SSP  22-23 Q2 (update)
CARe Team Senior Health Ed  22-23 Q2 (update)
CARe Team Sr. MHCS  22-23 Q2 (update)
CARe Team Sr. Soc. Worker 22-23 Q2 (update)
CB-LMCR Advocate 19-20 Q1
CB-LMCR Prog Coor 21-22 Q2
CB-LMCR Program Manager- 19-20 Q1
CB-LOCR  Prog Manager! 19-20 Q4
CB-LOCR Advocate 19-20 Q1
CB-LOCR Advocate! 19-20 Q4
CB-LOCR Prog Coor 21-22 Q2
CB-LOCR Prog Manager! 19-20 Q1
CB-MCR Advocate 19-20 Q1
CB-MCR Op. Manager 22-23 Q2 (update)
CB-MCR Prog Coor 21-22 Q2
CB-MCR Prog Director! 19-20 Q4
CB-MCR Prog Man! 21-22 Q1
CB-NVCR Advocate 19-20 Q1
CB-NVCR Prog Coor 21-22 Q2
CB-NVCR Prog Man! 19-20 Q1
CHE Health Srv Man! 19-20 Q2
CHE Senior Health Educator 19-20 Q2
CHE Sr. Health Srv. Man.! 22-23 Q4 (update)
ECM  MH Sup. Client Spec. 19-20 Q1 (new)
ECM Admin. Aide 22-23 Q1 (new)
ECM Asst-Sr-Dept Admin Analyst 22-23 Q1 (new)
ECM Comm. MH Aide 22-23 Q1 (new)
ECM Health Serv. Man.  22-23 Q1 (new)
ECM Mental Hlth Client Spec 20-21 Q4 (new)
ECM MH Sup. Client Spec. 22-23 Q1 (new)
ECS CEO 19-20 Q3
ECS CFO 19-20 Q3
ECS Chief Programs Officer 22-23 Q2 (new)
ECS Clinical Res. Specialist 22-23 Q3 (NEW)
ECS Clinician 22-23 Q2 (new)
ECS Counselor 19-20 Q1
ECS Dir HR 19-20 Q3
ECS Dir IBH- Youth & Family 19-20 Q3
ECS Dir integ beh hlth adult serv 19-20 Q4
ECS Downtown Outreach 22-23 Q3 (NEW)
ECS FAM 19-20 Q3
ECS Fin Analyst! 19-20 Q3
ECS Head Start-Early Head Start Dir 19-20 Q3
ECS Manager! 19-20 Q2
ECS Nurse  22-23 Q3 (NEW)
ECS Prog Asst 19-20 Q1
ECS QI and Compliance Analyst  22-23 Q2 (new)
ECS Residential Specialist-Intake 22-23 Q3 (NEW)
ECS Sr Man - Adlt Res Prog 19-20 Q3
ECS Sr Man - Hlth and Hous 19-20 Q3
ECS Sr Man - Youth & Family 19-20 Q3
ECS Sr Man-Adult Outpatient 19-20 Q3
ECS Staff Development & Operational Specialist 22-23 Q3 (NEW)
ECS YSCS 19-20 Q2
ECS- Perf Data & An Man 19-20 Q4
EMS EMS Medical Director (Direct Charge) 22-23 Q1(new)
EMS Sr. Hlth Svs Man 22-23 Q4 (update)
F5LP Social Work Coord 19-20 Q1
F5P Dir of Fin & Admin! 19-20 Q1
F5P Exc Dir 19-20 Q1
F5P Health Outreach Coord. 22-23 Q4 (NEW)
F5P Hlt Out & Enr Manager! 19-20 Q1
F5P Lead Newborn Enroll Coord 19-20 Q1
F5P Newborn Enroll Coord 19-20 Q1
F5P Prog and Comm Manager 19-20 Q1
F5P Sr Prog Off 19-20 Q1
FH Admin. Aide  22-23 Q4 (update)
FH Communty Health Worker 22-23 Q4 (update)
FH Dir. of Nursing! 22-23 Q4 (update)
FH HSM 22-23 Q4 (update)
FH PHN 22-23 Q4 (update)
FH Typist Clerk 22-23 Q4 (update)
H4H  H4H Manager 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
H4H  Prog. Coord. 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
H4H  Social Worker 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
H4H  Sr. Human Serv. Analyst 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
H4H Admin. Aide 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
H4H Dept. Comm. Officer 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
H4H Director - H4H 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
H4H Soc. Work. Sup. 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
HIP Asst. Dir. 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
HIP Consultants 22-23 Q1
HIP Ex. Dir. 23-24 Q1 (update)
HIP Op. & Prog. Man.! 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
HIP Ops. & Prog. Coord. 23-24 Q1 (Update)
HIP Prog. Coord. 23-24 Q1 (Updated)
HIP Prog. Dir. 22-23 Q1 (Updated)
HIP Prog. Man. 23-24 Q1
HIP Sr. Prog. Coord. 23-24 Q1 (Updated)
HPHP Benefits Rep 19-20 Q1
HPHP Clerical Sup. 22-23 Q1 (New)
HPHP Clinic Nurse 19-20 Q1
HPHP Communty Health Worker 22-23 Q2 (new)
HPHP Hlth Cntr Man! 21-22 Q1
HPHP Med Asst 19-20 Q1
HPHP Off. Asst. 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
HPHP Pub Hlth Nurse 19-20 Q1
HPHP Pub Hlth Nurse III! 19-20 Q1
HSA Admin. Asst. Dir. 23-24 Q1 (update)
HSA Admin. Dir. of Admin. Ser. 23-24 Q1 (update)
HSA Admin. HSA Dir. 23-24 Q1 (update)
HSD-SSI Hlth Client Bene Rep 20-21 Q1
Janus Adm Couns 20-21 Q4
Janus Adm Man-Super 21-22 Q1
Janus CEO 22-23 Q3(Updated)
Janus Chief Medical Officer-Physician 21-22 Q4 new
Janus Chief Program Officer 21-22 Q4 new
Janus Client Services Manager 21-22 Q4 new
Janus Clinical Dir  21-22 Q1
Janus Clinical Director (Inpatient Services) 21-22 Q4 new
Janus Clinical Director (Outpatient Services) 21-22 Q4 new
Janus Clinical Manager 21-22 Q4 new
Janus CO-CEO 22-23 Q3(Updated)
Janus COO! 22-23 Q3 (Updated)
Janus Counselor Sup 21-22 Q1
Janus DOO 20-21 Q4
Janus Intensive Outpatient Coordinator 21-22 Q4 new
Janus Lead Counselor 21-22 Q4 new
Janus MAT Director  21-22 Q1
Janus Med Assist 20-21 Q4
Janus Med Svr Dir  21-22 Q1
Janus Perinatal Manager 21-22 Q4 new
Janus Prog Dir  21-22 Q1
Janus Prog Man 20-21 Q4
Janus Technician Supervisor 21-22 Q4 new
Janus Treatment Tech 20-21 Q4
Juv. Hall Asst Div Dir 19-20 Q1
Juv. Hall Div Director 19-20 Q1
Juv. Hall Group Sup 19-20 Q1
Juv. Hall Inst Supervisor 19-20 Q1
Juv. Hall Sr Group Supervisor 19-20 Q1
MAA HSM 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
MAA-TCM Accountant 19-20 Q4
MAA-TCM Acct Tech 19-20 Q4
MAA-TCM Asst.-Dept Admin Anyl. 22-23 Q1 (new)
MAA-TCM IT APP Dev & Sup Anyl 19-20 Q4
MAA-TCM Sr Acct Tech 19-20 Q4
NL GEMMA Case Manager 20-21 Q4
NL GEMMA Clinical Prog Dir 20-21 Q4
NL GEMMA Intake 20-21 Q4
NL GEMMA Prog Coor 20-21 Q4
NLCS Admin Asst! 19-20 Q3
NLCS Admin Director 19-20 Q1
NLCS Clinical Prog Director 19-20 Q1
NLCS Clinical Supervisor 19-20 Q3
NLCS Counselor 19-20 Q3
NLCS Ex Director 19-20 Q1
NLCS Hous  Empl Spec  20-21 Q1
NLCS Intake Officer 19-20 Q1
NLCS Laborer Fac Client Trans 19-20 Q3
NLCS Medical Director 19-20 Q1
NLCS On-Site Manager 19-20 Q1
NLCS Program Coordinator 19-20 Q1
NLCS Program Manager 21-22 Q2
NLCS Qual Assur Mang 20-21 Q4
PDO  Admin. Aide 22-23 Q1 (new)
PDO  Pub. Def. Investigator 22-23 Q1 (new)
PDO  Social Worker 22-23 Q1 (new)
PDO ASM 22-23 Q3 (Updated)
PDO Chief Invest. 22-23 Q3 (NEW)
PDO Dep. Chief. PD 22-23 Q3 (NEW)
PDO Dept Admin Analyst 22-23 Q1 (new)
PDO Dir. of Holistic Def. 22-23 Q3 (Update)
PDO Pub. Def.  Attorney 22-23 Q1 (new)
PG  Pub. Grd.! 23-24 Q1 (Update)
PG Deputy Public Guardian 19-20 Q1
PG Senior Social Worker 19-20 Q1
PG Sr. Dep. Pub. Grd.! 23-24 Q1 (NEW)
PHA  Director of Nursing 20-21 Q3
PHA Admin Srvs Man! 21-22 Q2
PHA Chief of Public Health 22-23 (update)
PHA Med Serv Dir-Health Officer 19-20 Q2
PHA Public Health Manager  20-21 Q1
PHA Sr Dept Admin Analyst 21-22 Q2
PHA Sr. Hlth Svs Manager  22-23 Q2 (update)
PHN CD Asst Dir of Nursing 21-22 Q3
PHN-CD Epidemiologist- 19-20 Q1
PHN-CD Health Services Manager 19-20 Q1
PHN-CD PH Inv-Sr PH Inv 19-20 Q1
PHN-CD PHN  22-23 Q4 (updated)
PHN-CD Prog. Coord! 22-23 Q4 (update)
SC Prob Asst Chief Prob Off 18-19 Q4
SC Prob Asst Div Dir 19-20 Q1
SC Prob Chief Prob Off 19-20 Q1
SC Prob Div Director 19-20 Q3
SC Prob DPO 19-20 Q1
SC Prob Group Sup 19-20 Q1
SC Prob Prob Aide 19-20 Q1
SC Prob. Dept. Adm. Analyst (all levels) 22-23 Q4
Sheriff-Coroner Corr. Officer 23-24 Q1 NEW
Sheriff-Coroner Prog. Coord. 23-24 Q1 NEW
Sheriff-Coroner Rec. Clerk 23-24 Q1 NEW
SNS Bilingual HICAP Counselor 22-23 Q4 (NEW)
SNS Case Management Spec. 22-23 Q4 (NEW)
SNS Dir. of Ops.! 23-24 Q1 (update)
SNS Dir. of Programs!  22-23 Q3 (NEW)
SNS Ex. Director 22-23 Q4 (update)
SNS HICAP Prog. Asst. 22-23 Q4 (NEW)
SNS HICAP Prog. Manager! 22-23 Q4 (NEW)
SNS HICAP Res. Spec.-Vol. Coord.. 22-23 Q4 (NEW)
SNS Housing Spec. 22-23 Q4 (NEW)
SNS PT Controller 22-23 Q4 (NEW)
SNS Resource Counselor 22-23 Q4 (NEW)
SNS Resource Prog. Manager 22-23 Q4 (NEW)
SUDS  Behav Hlth Prog Man 19-20 Q1
SUDS  Dept Admin Analyst! 19-20 Q1
SUDS  MH Sup Client Spec 19-20 Q1
SUDS  Sr MH Client Spec 19-20 Q1
SUDS Acct. Tech. 23-24 Q1 update
SUDS Mental Hlth Client Spec 20-21 Q4
SUDS Sr B Hlth Prog Man 21-22 Q2
SUDS Sr Dept Admin Analyst 19-20 Q1
TDCSC Ex Dir 21-22 Q1
TDCSC Facilitator 23-24 Q1 NEW
TDCSC Prog. Coord. 23-24 Q1 NEW
THO Health Prog. Spec  22-23 Q4 (NEW)
THO Sr. Health Educator! 22-23 Q4 (NEW)
TSCSC Clinical Program Director! 22-23 Q2 (new)
TSCSC Dir of Dev! 22-23 Q2 (update)
TSCSC Manager of Community Engagements 22-23 Q2 (new)
TSCSC Manager of Programs 22-23 Q2 (new)
TSCSC Op. Coord. 22-23 Q2 (new) - Copy
TSCSC Op. Coord. 22-23 Q2 (new)

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