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Santa Cruz County Mental Health Advisory Board

The Santa Cruz County Mental Health Advisory Board provides advice to the governing body (Board of Supervisors) and the Director of Behavioral Health. They provide oversight and monitoring of the local mental health system as well as advocate for persons with mental illness.

A primary responsibility of the Mental Health Advisory Board (MHAB) is to review and evaluate the community’s mental health needs, services, facilities, and special problems. The regular MHAB meetings provide a means for Board action to fulfill its purpose. The MHAB chair presides over meetings and prepares the agenda in collaboration with mental health staff. MHAB members may provide items for the agenda to the secretary of the MHAB at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. These meetings are open to the public.

2018 Goals and Objectives

  • Recruit members for a more diverse Mental Health Advisory Board that reflect the community
  • Community Engagement – more involvement in the community by having a presence at functions
  • Mental Health Advisory Board Event (public information forum) to be held in 2 years (2020)
  • Monthly special interest presentations from each Board Member
  • Town Hall Meetings – discuss the possibility of a 10-15 minute presentation at the town hall meetings announcing who the MHAB members are, in addition to facilitating focus groups
  • Continue site visits

Advisory Board MembersApplication Instructions for Appointment to a County Advisory Board

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Meeting Dates Agendas Minutes
6/20/19 Agenda  
5/16/19 Agenda  
4/18/19 Agenda Minutes
3/21/19 Agenda Minutes
2/21/19 Agenda Minutes
1/17/19 Agenda Minutes
12/20/18 Agenda Minutes
No Meeting in November
10/18/18 Agenda Minutes
9/27/18 Agenda Minutes
9/20/18 Agenda Minutes
8/16/18 Agenda Minutes
7/19/18 Agenda Minutes
6/21/18 Agenda Minutes
6/18/18 (Retreat) Agenda Minutes
5/17/18 Agenda Minutes
4/19/18 Agenda Minutes
3/15/18 Agenda Minutes
2/15/18 Agenda Minutes
1/18/2018 Agenda Minutes
12/21/2017 Agenda Minutes
No meeting in November
10/19/2017 Agenda Minutes
9/21/2017 Agenda Minutes
8/17/2017 Agenda Minutes
7/20/2017 Agenda Minutes
6/15/2017 Agenda Minutes
5/18/2017 Agenda Minutes
4/20/2017 Agenda Minutes
3/16/2017 Agenda Minutes
2/16/2017 Agenda Minutes
2/3/2017 (Retreat) Agenda Pending
1/19/2017 Agenda Minutes