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Deferred Judgment Drug Program

Administration of county contract with Deferred Judgment Drug Program contractor. This program was formerly known as "Drug Diversion".

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the program for? What’s it like?
    Some people arrested for lower-level drug offenses, such as non-violent offenses and possession for personal use only, may be eligible to plead guilty, accept this program, complete the program and then have the charges dropped from their record. The district attorney determines a defendant’s eligibility for the program. It is 22 hours of group education and group counseling, over a minimum of 10 weeks, and includes an assessment of a client’s alcohol and other drug use.
  • I was ordered to do this program by a court in another California county but I live in Santa Cruz County. How do I get into a program in this county?
    Call the agency in Santa Cruz County that offers the program:
    • ALTO. Counseling Center:
      Santa Cruz: (831) 423-2003
      Watsonville: (831) 728-2233 
  • How much is the program?
    The current fee for the program is $705. You may ask A.L.T.O. Counseling Center for a financial assessment to determine if you’re eligible for a sliding scale fee.
    • ALTO. Counseling Center:
      Santa Cruz: (831) 423-2003
      Watsonville: (831) 728-2233
Contact Information
(831) 454-4110