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The Seven Challenges

The Seven Challenges curriculum is a common sense, decision-making approach to working with teen alcohol and drug issues. The program is a partnership between Santa Cruz City Schools, and County Alcohol and Drug Programs and guides youth through a process that helps them look at their substance use, reflect on the impact and consequences and focus on personal goals. Students meet in a small group setting to discuss issues, journal about their thoughts and experiences and are provided adult guidance and support. The Seven Challenges is a collaborative response between school administration, parents, and the student to addressing the use or possession of alcohol and other drugs.

Santa Cruz City Schools Co-Curricular Policy and Life of a Student Program:

  • The Santa Cruz City Schools Co-Curricular Policy Highlights
  • The Santa Cruz City Schools Life of a Student Program - Co-Curricular Activity Policy Overview
  • What it's all About: Athletic and Co-Curricular Activities - Life Of A Student Overview - MS Word Format 
  • Frequently asked Questions about the Life of a Student Program (LOS) - MS Word Format 
  • Proactive Approach to a Great Threat - The American Athletic Institute has conducted studies in the area of recreational drug use and athlete performance. MS Word Format 
  • Life of a Student Program: Athletic and Co-Curricular Policy - Improving Student Codes of Conduct - MS Word Format 
  • Santa Cruz High School Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drug Possession, Use and Penalties Policy - MS Word Format
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The Seven Challenges

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