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Substance Use Disorders Services

Education, Prevention, Intervention, and Recovery

The mission of the Substance Use Disorders Services Program is to provide opportunities to the diverse population of Santa Cruz County for the education about, prevention of, intervention into, and the recovery from substance use related problems. 

Treatment and early intervention objectives include reduction of substance use and criminality while increasing employment, educational achievement and health, and promoting family well-being.  In addition to the programs listed below, the Substance Use Disorders Services Program Administration also provides county-wide support and monitoring of contract prevention and treatment services.

Treatment and Early Intervention Objectives

  • Reduction of substance use and criminality while increasing productive activity, such as employment and educational achievement
  • Improved health and family well-being

Prevention Services Objectives

Substance Use Disorders Services Programs

Prevention Resources & Educational Materials

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Substance Use Disorder Commission (SUDC)


Recovery Information

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A Recovery Resource for the Santa Cruz Community



Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT)


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Drug Medi-Cal Organized
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Substance Abuse Treatment Planning Meetings and Reports

Epidemic: Responding to America's Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis - 2011 report from President Obama

Snapshot 2007:

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Substance Use Disorders Services