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Drinking Driver Program

Services provided: Information on DUI programs; administration of county contracts with DUI program contractors.

Drinking Driver FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • I got arrested for driving under the influence, what are the programs like?
    They include group education, group counseling & individual counseling. First offense programs range from 12 hours/8+ weeks, to 63 hours/9months, depending on what the court sentences you to and what DMV requires you to do. Multiple offense programs are 77+ hours over an 18 month period. If you’re convicted of DUI and the court does not order you to complete a DUI program, DMV will usually require you to complete a program to get your license back. (Frequently, both agencies will require you to complete a program. If your court and DMV require you to do different DUI programs, ask the County's Drinking Driver Program for recommendations.)
  • Do I have to pay for my program? How much are they?
    Yes, unless the program determines that you are eligible for a waiver of the program fee. If you feel you can’t afford the program fee, ask your DUI program for a fee assessment appointment. They’ll schedule an appointment with you and tell you what income documentation to bring to the appointment. They will use that to determine if you are low-income by state standards, middle-income or high-income. Low-income clients receive a program fee waiver. For those who pay full fee, program fees are:

    Wet Reckless Program*  $307
    3-month First Offense Program  $714
    6-month First Offense Program  $862
    9-month First Offense Program  $1,075
    Multiple Offense Program  $1,842

            *The Wet Reckless Program is for a lesser offense than a DUI.

  • How do I get into a program?
    You are generally ordered by a court or required by DMV to complete a program. If you have referral paperwork take it to the appropriate program below.

First Offense and Multiple Offense (all ages)

  • ALTO Counseling Center - North County
    740 Front St, Suite 200
    Santa Cruz, CA.  95060
    (831) 423-2003
    First Offense and Multiple Offense DUI programs
  • ALTO Counseling Center - South County
    585B Auto Center Dr.
    Watsonville, CA. 95076
    (831) 728-2233
    First Offense and Multiple Offense DUI programs
  • DUI Resource Center
    (831) 621 - 2685
    4245 Capitola Rd, Suite 202,
    Capitola, CA 95010
    (Across the street from the Capitola DMV)
    Information: English | Spanish
  • Janus of Santa Cruz
    200 7th Ave., Suite 150
    Santa Cruz, CA. 95062
    (831) 462-1060
    First Offense and Multiple Offense DUI programs

NOTE: California law now adds requirements to multiple offender clients who fail the program for other than failure to pay the program fee. If you fail to complete a court-ordered multiple offense program for reasons such as excessive absences or failure to maintain contact with the program, the additional requirements are applied.

Contact Information
(831) 454-4110