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Public Health Field Nursing

What is Public Health Field Nursing? 

A voluntary home visiting program with a Public Health Nurse to support families during pregnancy and with children up to 5 years old. The program provides strength-based case management, assists families with accessing resources, and provides health and parenting education. 

Informational Brochures: English  Spanish

What services do Public Health Nurses provide? 

  • In person, virtual, and telephonic visits
  • Nursing assessments for you and your child 
  • Help with communicating your needs to health care providers 
  • Mentorship and support 
  • Hands on teaching of techniques for childcare 
  • Linkage to resources such as WIC, housing, school, work, child care, and more 

Who might benefit from Public Health Field Nurses? 

  • Families needing support throughout their pregnancy (access to prenatal care, childbirth preparation, high risk medical concerns) 
  • Families with infants/children who have developmental, growth, or feeding concerns 
  • Pregnant and parenting teens 
  • Families experiencing perinatal mental health and/or substance use concerns 
  • Families experiencing housing instability 
  • Families grieving the loss of a baby 

How to access help from Public Health Field Nurses 

For more information about Public Health Field Nursing, please call (831) 454-4339 or Toll Free (888) 598-0728 or to apply fill out this application (English  Spanish).