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Child Care and School Immunization Resources


Child Care and School Required Immunizations

The California Code of Regulations Title 17, Division 1, Chapter 4, Article 1. Section (M) states:  

For purposes of this Article, “vaccine” means an immunization administered in the United States of America or other countries that is recommended by the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices for the prevention of the respective diseases identified in section 120335 of the Health and Safety Code. 


All California schools and pre-kindergarten (child care/preschool) facilities are required to assess and annually report the immunization status of their enrollees. For more information on how to report please go to the CDPH Shots for Schools website.  

  • Medical Exemptions 
    Under Senate Bills (SB) 276 and SB 714 (Pan, 2019), all new medical exemptions for school and child care entry must be issued through CAIR-ME beginning January 1, 2021. Medical exemptions can only be issued by MDs or DOs licensed in California and must meet applicable Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) criteria. 

    To learn more, please visit the CDPH Shots for Schools website.  
  • Conditional Admission 
    In limited circumstances, some children who have not received one or more required immunizations may attend school while they catch up on these immunizations. To learn more, visit the CDPH Shots for Schools website.  
  • School and Child Care Roster Lookup (SCRL)
    The School and Child Care Roster Lookup (SCRL) is a tool that can determine whether or not a student meets all immunization requirements to enter school or child care. Any site wanting to use SCRL starts by registering in CAIR Hub and then getting access to SCRL. Click on the Register button at the top of the CAIR Hub page or see the step-by-step guide for enrollment located on the home page. 

CDPH has prepared resources for parents on required immunizations, where to get a child immunized, the difference between required and recommended vaccines and more. Resources for Parents ( 

  • Free online training for schools is available at the California Department of Public Health Shots for School website. Training topics include school immunization requirements, admission requirements, and processing school immunization records. 

UPDATED: 9/19/23